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‘Going Back to Colorado’ TRACK-BY-TRACK
by David Givens

This is a brief summary regarding the tracks on the original release (which have been remastered of course).
It was always my personal favourite Zephyr release and listening to the remastered version, I remember why.
The bonus tracks (not included on this summary) are something else altogether... STUNNING!

DS (June 2016)

GOING BACK TO COLORADO – When Tommy brought it to the band, it was called "Going Back To Texas". I talked him into changing it to 'Colorado' and then Candy and I changed the lyrics to reflect our real life. For live, Tommy played a little old lap-steel guitar. He was always a good slide player and he had fun with this one. I liked the part where he and Candy traded licks between harp and slide - great stuff.


MISS LIBERTINE – Candy, Tommy, Gerard MacMahon (an old friend of Tommy's from his Denver street-freak days), and I sang this one. The stance is a little bit too earnest for me today, but the words are more true than ever.  I wrote the intro in L.A. while we were working on the bathtub album.


NIGHT FADES SOFTLY – Our friends Paul Conly and Kim King from LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE were early adopters of electronic instruments in a rock context. Originally, I wrote the lyric as a poem for Candy when she had to stay behind in Boulder for a week while the rest of us went to New York. I liked the chaotic beginning with the big synth sounds with the rest of us playing free over the top of it.  This was all live. Tommy was digging John McLaughlin quite a bit around this period and it shows in his beautiful intro licks.


THE RADIO SONG – Eddie Kramer brought in studio backup singers for several of the tunes. This was went to be fun ... and it was.


SEE MY PEOPLE COME TOGETHER – We put this one together much like the epic tunes like 'SAIL ON' and 'CROSS THE RIVER' on the bathtub album. Tommy and his writing partner John Tesar had the basic riff and lyrics.  I arranged the middle part, and Candy worked over the lyrics and melody. Great power from the whole band hitting it hard on this one. 


SHOWBIZZY – We recorded this tune in Studio B after Hendrix' death. We were on our own and I produced this one. I suggested to Tommy that this would be a good spot to use the Leslie speaker we'd had our eye on since day one and he agreed. Great solo. I still dig it. 


KEEP ME – Tommy and John Tesar wrote this one, but it's Candy's song. The new remix really lets her emotion shine through.  She sang on the overdubs as a member of the background singers. They offered her a job! Good job, Kid. 


TAKE MY LOVE – John wanted to be a singer and make his own solo album at some point. This was his first shot at writing and singing on a real recording. We all supported him, Candy included. Bobby and I tried a lot of different approaches to the feel for the tune, but John didn't like any of it, but he couldn't describe what he wanted. Finally, I came up with the bass line and the rest of it fell together. I love the solos. Live, Candy sang it.


I'LL BE RIGHT HERE – I like Tesar's lyric on this one. The images of people enduring drought and famine and then resolving to keep on fighting are well done and the music has power. Tommy shows some of the country style picking he learned growing up in the sticks.


AT THIS VERY MOMENT – I heard this piano part around the house for a couple of years and I was always knocked out by her modal jazz keyboard style. I always dug her lyric using words that sound the same but have different meanings to describe the many things happening at any given moment around the planet. Her voice is warm honey sometimes. This is the last song we recorded prior to Hendrix' death and we were really getting into it - check out the vamp - we were getting out there big time.


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