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‘Going Back to Colorado/Leaving Colorado’ REMASTERED!



(Plus Bonus Tracks) – REMASTERED

(Unreleased studio/live tracks)

In September of 1970, the legendary Colorado rock jazz group, ZEPHYR, went into Jimi Hendrix' brand new studio, Electric Lady, to record their second album, this time under the direction of Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer. Tragically, Jimi Hendrix passed over to the next world on September 18, 1970.  In the chaos following Jimi's death, the ZEPHYR album, ‘Going Back To Colorado’, was pushed aside and was never properly finished.

That's how it stayed for 45 years ...

Then, in 2014 producer Greg Hampton, a long time admirer of ZEPHYR guitarist Tommy Bolin, began work in association with ZEPHYR bassist David Givens to remix and remaster the original album and to restore and master previously unreleased live recordings from Givens' personal archives.  The stunning result is the new Sunset Boulevard Records 2 CD release of ZEPHYR (featuring Tommy Bolin) – ‘Going Back To Colorado’ and ‘Leaving Colorado’. The package features new album art, new photos, and liner notes by David Givens.

David Givens | Producer/Musician

As the last living member of the original band, I've been working to restore the legacy of ZEPHYR so that in the future our brief, but high flight can be appreciated. The release of the new "Going Back To Colorado/Leaving Colorado" set is a major milestone for this project and I'm very grateful that Greg Hampton, Sunset Boulevard Records, and David Streeten of StreetwiseDesign have been there to make it happen. There is much more to come. Many thanks to those of you who remember and welcome to the new ones!


Zephyr is one heck of a great band! Like many people, I wanted to hear this album because of Tommy Bolin's fantastic guitar playing. He's one of the most underrated rock guitarists of the 70's.I knew the guitar playing would be great, but I had no idea the songwriting would be entirely unique and diverse. Each song on this Zephyr album can either be considered pop rock or jam rock. Seriously, each song is filled with many little tasty instrumental goodies to satisfy almost anyone who appreciates rock music from the 60's and 70's. The lead singer understands how to connect to the listener with emotional vocals too.


You have the title song which reminds me of something Rush would do on their second album, "Keep Me" reminds me of the kind of emotional brilliance Carole King is known for, and "Take My Love" is like a blend between Miles Davis, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Jefferson Airplane. That bassline is addicting, and the vocals are fantastic as well. The jazzy solo is another highlight. Absolutely love this track.


The second song called "Miss Libertine" reminds me of the Jefferson Airplane yet again. Remember how Jefferson Airplane had the talent to be creative, experimental geniuses who sounded like *no one* else? Well, Zephyr has that same talent. An extraordinary band. The last song on the album has a psychedelic piano melody with some neat drumming included.


The rest of the songs are just really high quality rock songs that can be filled with tasty instrumental bits underneath the vocals, and some of the most creative and underrated songwriting abilities I have ever heard. An easy perfect rating for this album. I seriously hope more people check out this incredible album, because right at this very moment, I'm totally shocked it wasn't more popular than it was. Trust me, this is a wonderful album for every single second.


Every song has its own sound and style, the songwriting is unbelievably catchy, and the instrumental bits are really satisfying for anyone who likes to jam out. It's perfect!



Man, Candy Givens can really sing. Makes you want to go to Colorado and check out what she's talking about. This is just another flash in the past album that would be good to add to your collection.



I saw Zephyr live in Colorado Springs at Kelker Junction, when the album came out new, stellar show, one of the best I ever saw and the album did the group proud. Candy Givens death was a tragic loss of a truly unique vocal talent.

Various comments from fans regarding the original ‘Going Back to Colorado’.

These comments are prior to the ‘Going Back to Colorado / Leaving Colorado’ 45th Anniversary







ZEPHYR: Tommy Bolin | Candy Givens | David Givens | John Faris | Robbie Chamberlin | Bobby Berge ....


CD 1 (Remastered studio album with four bonus tracks)

1. Going Back To Colorado

2. Miss Libertine3. Night Fades Softly

4. The Radio Song

5. See My People Come Together

6. Showbizzy

7. Keep Me

8. Take My Love

9. I'll Be Right There

10. At This Very Moment

11. Mr. Sandman (Bonus Track)

12. Green Shoes (Bonus Track)

13. 3 Days On (Bonus Track)

14. New Colors (Bonus Track)

CD 2

1. Downtown Left Turn (Zephyr Studio, Pearl Street, Boulder)

2. Hard Chargin' Woman (Reed Ranch 1969)

3. Slap Myself (Zephyr Studio, Pearl Street, Boulder)

4. Cross the River (San Bernardino Live)

5. Bolin Surf Strut (Zephyr Studio, Pearl Street, Boulder)

6. The Creator Has a Master Plan (San Bernadino Live)


15 Page Digital Booklet featuring memoirs by David Givens, plus photos taken during the recording sessions for ‘Going Back to Colorado’

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Track by Track by David Givens
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Released on AMAZON 8th July 2016